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Afghanistan Terrorist Hideout a.k.a. Mineshaft at Wheeler's (Agua Dulce, CA)

The tunnel was first created in 1896 and was used by the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. (Urban Search and Rescue) to practice underground rescues.

Agua Dulce Christian Church (Agua Dulce, CA)

A stereotypically charming little country church.

Agua Dulce Women's Club (Agua Dulce, CA)

Single story building with a full kitchen that can work as a biker bar or small town restaurant.

Airstream Trailers (Acton, CA)

Single axle and double axle Airstream Trailers. Also, several miscellaneous trailers for prop rental and/or demolition depending on trailer.

Aliento Recreation Center (Santa Clarita, CA)

A spacious, luxurious recreation center at Aliento in Santa Clarita. Complete with pools, jacuzzi, splash pad, fountain, barbeques, lounge, kitchen, gym, office, and a picnic area, this recreation center is incredibly versatile.

Armen's Allure (Agua Dulce, CA)

This stunningly modern and elegant banquet hall is located within the historic ASLA building in Van Nuys. It features massive luxury chandeliers, a ballroom, customizable decorations and lighting, and can seat 450 people. allurebanquet.com

Arroyo Grande at S.O.S.

This 80 acre area is distincly High Desert with yucca, scrub oak, and choke cherry bushes. The area is easily accessible and offers 360 views throughout most of the area. The area is ideal for any story about border crossing or where you need a character that is "lost in a desert." This location is within the 30-mile zone and is identical in all respects to many locations that production companies use out of the zone in Palmdale and Lancaster, California.

Azzurra House (Agua Dulce, CA)

4750 sq ft single family residence, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, dance studio, swimming pool and hot tub. 5 acre property.

Beeler Land (Agua Dulce, CA - 182 +/- acres)

This beautiful and spacious 6-acre property features a 3,323 square foot house, manmade pond with a gazebo, multiple campy structures, and huge lawns with mature trees that are green all year long.

Belgau House ( Agua Dulce, CA )

A beautiful home in the countryside.

Bob and Jo (Saugus, CA - 198 +/- acres)

This property is an extension of historic Lombardi Ranch and features a fruit and vegetable stand that is available almost all year round.

Bobbie's Country Place (Agua Dulce, CA)

This charming country home is excellent for parties. It features a backyard dance floor and stage, an indoor pool, a functioning outhouse, multiple small structures and plenty of parking.

Boneyards at S.O.S. FilmWorks (Agua Dulce, CA)

Several vendors lease space at S.O.S. FilmWorks to store picture vehicles, and other vehicles used for practical special effects in film. Due to the topography of the property, it is possible to film or photograph in a way that makes it appear as if you are in a much larger boneyard (alternatively scrapyard, or junkyard).

Bosserman Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA - 57 +/- acres)

This is an excellent high desert property that looks consistently the same in Summer and Winter. There is a wide dirt road long enough for a car chase and a large flat pad large enough to place a set, mobile home, or other structure for film.

Boy's Club (Castaic, CA)

Hiking trails, buildings with bunk beds, swimming pools, and other features of a large day camp. Look is similar to a "compound" or remote training facility.

Branko & Nancy's Hacienda (Agua Dulce, CA - 5 +/- acres)

2,400 sq. ft. ranch style home adjacent to S.O.S. FilmWorks. The property is beautifully landscaped and features a swimming pool and an old fashioned style white barn.

Caravan Pond (Agua Dulce, CA)

Small countryside pond with hills all around and an atmosphere of isolation.

Carousel Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Carousel Ranch provides equestrial therapy to children with special needs. Carousel Ranch also offers programs to pic-city children. It is a non-profit organization. Carousel Ranch has a large, outdoor, equestrian arena with a small grandstand. The property also has several Western facades that are meant for fun activities but give the property a very interesting look. The property is large enough to handle crew parking and base camp areas.

Carroll Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA - 18 +/- acres)

This property features a house with swimming pool, horse stables, and several mature tree stands.

Clark Ranch (Saugus, CA)

A unique assortment of small buildings and structures that lend to a high desert landscape.

Corsett House (Acton, CA)

Lovely country home, beautiful vibrant green grass.

Coyote Flats (Agua Dulce, CA)

Modern ranch style home with horse areas. 3,000 sq. ft. (18' clear height ceiling) building available for small stage work.

Crown Valley Road (Acton, CA)

This is an entirely public, two lane, road in Acton, CA. Reference photos are included here because it is very easy to obtain a permit to film.

Cummings Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Cummings Ranch is a single story ranch style home in Agua Dulce that could easily be used as a bar. The property also features frontage on Sierra Highway and is big enough for base camp, and crew parking.

Darling Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Beautiful country areas. Flat grassy spaces.

Diamond View Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

3,900 sq. ft. hilltop estate home with breathtaking views.

Dana & Dave (Agua Dulce, CA)

Upscale home in private community in Agua Dulce.

Elkhorn Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

This historic and beautiful 5-acre property is right across from Vasquez Rocks and features a 7,784 square foot house with 7 bedrooms and 6 baths, cobblestone backyard with a walk-in wine cellar, a guest house, and a large pool with a pool house that could double as a workshop.

Firecrest Cliffs (Agua Dulce, CA)

These cliff features more rock formations than our other cliff faces. It is a lower elevation cliff, with roads to the top and bottom, but is best used at night.

Firestone Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA - 280 +/- acres)

This property features a 4,200 sq. ft. Spanish style mansion built by William Mulholland between 1896-1911. Buggsy Siegel owned the house from 1911 until 1932. It is one of the few houses in the Agua Dulce area with a basement. There is also a 2-acre INDOOR rodeo arena and a 19th century style barn with adjacent grain silos that were built in 1894. The property also features more than a hundred acres of flat open valley with mountains in the background.

Ford Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

This secluded, ranch style home, is near Firestone Ranch and is ideal for any "house in the middle of nowhere" shot.

Friis Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Convinient for parking if your filming on Soledad.

Gardner Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

This property is adjacent to working rail road tracks. It has a small circa 1930 clapboard style house surrounded by white cliff. Large trees are located over the entire property and a creek runs all year through the area. It also features a parking lot ideal for any company filming in the Soledad Canyon area.

Gervais Dance Studio (Valencia, CA)

Located in the Valencia Industrial Center by many film stages. 1,800 square foot studio featuring a wall of mirrors, roll-up warehouse down for easy load in and out, a lobby, a break room, and an upstairs loft with two rooms that could be used for hair/makeup, wardrobe, or as a temporary office space.

Golden Valley (Canyon Country, CA)

Paved streets with street lights wind through dirt housing lots ready for development.

Gregory House (Agua Dulce, CA)

Quaint country home with ample yard and a firepit for friends and family.

Gue Residence (Agua Dulce, CA)

A country residence on a hill with a large outdoor area good for riding bikes around.

Gun Ho Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Upscale house in a desert setting.

Grandma's House (Agua Dulce, CA)

Small, one story, house built in 1954. Rustic cabins and structures nearby. Good access and parking.

Hacienda Sakato (Agua Dulce, CA)

Directly across the street from Hacienda Vasquez.

This is a private residence with a long, paved, drive way. The modern ranch-style home on the property is available for both interior and exterior use.

Hacienda Vasquez - next to Vasquez Rocks (Agua Dulce, CA)

This is one of the most picturesque properties in Agua Dulce. It is heavily forested. There are also two unoccupied cabins on the property circa 1950 - 1960. The property also has a man made pond and several rock formations identical to Vasquez Rocks. Many companies use this private property for pyrotechnics or other effects that are not allowed at the park. It is an ideal location to seguey to or from Vasquez Rocks.

Hayward Home (Agua Dulce, CA)

Single story, non-descript, ranch style home in Agua Dulce.

"Hidalgo" Rail Car

This is the Horse Car used in the feature film "Hidalgo." It's a replica of a mid-18th century horse car mounted on a flatbed trailer so that you can get the illusion of a rail car without having a railroad.

Hideaway Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA - 194 +/- acres)

This property is located in Agua Dulce and offers a distinctive high desert feel.

High Torque Marine (Agua Dulce, CA)

The boatyard in the desert. High Torque Marine is one of the finest builders of high performance boats in the boating industry. This property features several modern industrial buildings, surrounded by desert terrain, rugged canyons, and high voltage towers. Sunsets here are special. All buildings are surrounded by asphalt and concrete paving. Access to the property is very good throughout. The property is large enough to allow for working vehicles, catering, and crew parking. Exterior filming is also available at a modern residence located on-site.

Jack's Peak (Agua Dulce, CA)

Stunning mountaintop views with extensive red lava rocks.

KMA Farm (Agua Dulce, CA)

5-acre alfalfa field at Agua Dulce Canyon Road and Escondido. Unique, two story, barn. Views of open space around Vasquez Rocks.

Koski House (Agua Dulce, CA)

Lovely home. Big green country yard. Creepy second floor.

Lavender Hill Farm (Agua Dulce, CA)

This is a modern, country style, home located within 1/2 mile of Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce. There is very good access around the house from any direction. The home is immaculate inside and outside and features an indoor gym, office, pool table, and other features to add value to your production.

Lake Elsinore, California (2,400 +/- acres)

This property is so large that you could do a full scale battle of more than 10,000 troops with hundreds of military vehicles and still have more space than necessary.

Lake Thermal, California (300 +/- acres)

To my knowledge, this is the only man-made lake in California not surrounded by development and large enough to ski. The lake was created by a developer for a residential community, but because of the downturn in the real estate market the project has been postponed. The surrounding mountains are similar to the Middle East and the access to the property features palm tree plantations not featured at this site yet. This property isn't in the zone but filmmakers are welcome to do large scale pyrotechnics in the lake and to alter the property as needed.

Lang House, Agua Dulce

This 50s country custom ranch house is still in excellent condition with original carpeting and antique furnishings.

Langside Holding, Agua Dulce (525 +/- acres)

525 acres of high desert. Good access to low rolling hills with natural desert terrain. Pictures of this property will be updated in the next two weeks.

Laughter Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

This modern, ranch style, home sits near the Agua Dulce Airpark and feature a very nice 1700 sq. ft. home, pool/patio area, and a two horse metal barn. Views of the surrounding area are very good.

Little Bonanza (Agua Dulce, CA)

A large log cabin home with a full-sized red 12-stall horse barn, bronco arena, and roping arena. This is not your typical log cabin home. It is an extremely upscale residence.

Lombardi Ranch (Saugus, CA - 187 acres)

Last working farm in Santa Clarita. Fruit stand available for staging.

Long Canyon Ranch (Lake Hughes, CA)

208 acres of pristine open space with paved access. Not in the zone.

Manley House (Saugus, CA)

This house sits on top of a hill adjacent to a working farm. A paved driveway leads to the house and a large parking area leads to a large pumpkin patch. The property is in between Mystery Mesa and Lombardi Ranch on Vasquez Canyon.

Marley's Tick Canyon (Agua Dulce, CA)

Two clapboard structures lend a feel that could contribute to a 1920 - 1940 period piece. There are also two additional stucco structures at the site for a more modern look.

McKenzie's Ambush Canyon (Agua Dulce, CA)

This property has a distinctive canyon that looks like a solid rock from one angle, but has a road that runs through the rock. It is a perfect ambush location.

Mexican Jail (Agua Dulce, CA)

A busted old lookin' jail type building.

Mike & Mallary (Agua Dulce, CA)

Upscale home in a private community in Agua Dulce.

Mint Canyon Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

A working horse boarding facility with a main house and several small structures. The warehouse on site was used for the truck movie "Gladiator."

Mint Canyon Road (Agua Dulce, CA)

Public road adjacent to S.O.S. Filmworks at 34855 Petersen Road, Agua Dulce.

Military Base, Military Equipment (Agua Dulce, CA)

David Wang stores a minimum of 100 military vehicles at the location that can be used to create almost any era military setting. We do not represent this location and the listing is presented as a courtesy to the industry. Their website is www.armytrucks.com for more info.

Mini Mesa, Canyon Country, CA (Saugus, CA - 112 +/- acres)

This property is at the same elevation as Mystery Mesa but is about 1/20 the size. It is ideal for miniature work and/or visual effects.

Monte Verde's Plum Canyon (Santa Clarita, CA)

400 acres South of Mystery Mesa between Plum Canyon Road and Vasquez Canyon Road. Most of this property has 360 views and good access. Some of this property is currently ready for development but will remain as is for at least 1 year.

Monte Verde's Vasquez Canyon (Saugus, CA)

Eighty acres North of Mystery Mesa. Low rolling hills with little chaparral compared to the surrounding area.

Moorpark Highlands (CA)

Construction zone!

Mulholland House at Firestone Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Exterior and interior pictures of the house built by William Mulholland. Interior rooms have been emptied of furniture and updated photos will be posted shortly.

Mystery Mesa (Canyon Country, CA - 380 +/- acres)

There are very few "must see" locations in Southern California. This property qualifies for that label. In the Winter and Spring this property could be Ireland or anywhere you need bright, neon, green. In the Summer and Fall you could be in any desert in the world.

Mystery Mesa Cliffs (Saugus, CA)

This cliff area is unique in that it is easily accessible from the top and the bottom. Available cliffs run from 300 - 820 feet.

Nason Manor (Agua Dulce, CA)

This beautiful homestead exudes a soothing naturalist aesthetic with a relatively lush look for being in the high desert.

Paolone House (Acton, CA)

This property is near often used open space in Acton, California. It has a distincly urban feel and is ideal to avoid costly company moves while being near the great outdoors.

Purcell Ranch (Saugus, CA - 152 +/- acres)

This is most of the property West of Mystery Mesa bounded by Vasquez Canyon and Lost Creek Canyon. Power lines can be seen on most of the property but some areas are truly beautiful and unobstructed.

Purfoy Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

This ranch features a huge, comfy house, horse arenas, small structures, and plenty of open space. A perfect place for family or camp scenes.

Quail Trail Springs (Agua Dulce, CA - 268 +/- acres)

Multiple 3 acre pads and miles of dirt roads lend a high desert look to this in the zone locale. The property also features a hardscape front entrance that works as a perfect seguey to another setting.

R&R Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

A pleasant country home with patio, pool, and a blue-sky view.

Rancho Dulce Vida (Agua Dulce, CA)

A replica of the mission at San Juan Capistrano.

Reyes Ranch (Acton, CA)

Reyes Ranch features several rustic structures including a garage that looks like a barn, a 1940's style chicken coop, and several horse areas. The property is also large enough for crew parking and base camp at one location.

Rockin' Horse Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Two-story, modern, ranch style home. This property is near often used open space in Agua Dulce, California and in the immediate vicinity of the Agua Dulce Airpark Ranch. It has a distinctly urban feel but with the privacy of a remote setting. No livestock is kept on-site but all horse facilities are in good repair and working.

Rosamond (1,200 +/- acres)

Pricing commensurate with distance. This property is so large that most background features are not recognizable. The property is entirely flat.

Sarkis Rocks (Agua Dulce, CA)

Sarkis Rocks is a good alternative to Vasquez Rocks. It is a very large property with rock formations identical to those at Vasquez Rocks but it is next to the 14 Fwy so noise is an issue. Many music videos and commercials have been filmed at the property and night work, gunfire, and explosions are easy to permit.

Shiloh Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

This ranch has its' own private canyon with a distinctive South Western feel. This ranch easily doubles for New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, or plays as it is in the High Desert of California. Multiple rustic structures add to the feel of this working horse ranch. The ranch is exceptionally clean and well maintained.

Shoo-fly Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Shoo-fly is a nice home in the desert. Two story with a pool.

Sierra Bonita Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA - 80 +/- acres)

This property is located directly adjacent to a National Forest boundary and looks as if it were a house compound in the middle of a thousand acres. There are five (5) separate residences at the property, a "barn in the middle of nowhere", private pond, private single-lane paved road, tennis court, and large pool. 40' mature pinion pine trees near every residential structure. All houses are extremely well maintained clapboard and would work believably for any period from 1930 to the present.

Sierra Inn (Agua Dulce, CA)

The Sierra Inn features a full bar, primed wood slat flooring, a dining room with a pool table, a kitchen and a back room. It was used in the "Tequila" biker bar scene in Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

S.O.S. FilmWorks (Agua Dulce, CA)

These next locations are all one property called S.O.S. Filmworks.

Arroyo Grande at S.O.S.

This 80 acre area is distinctly High Desert with yucca, scrub oak, and choke cherry bushes. The area is easily accessible and offers 360 views throughout most of the area. The area is ideal for any story about border crossing or where you need a character that is "lost in a desert." This location is within the 30-mile zone and is identical in all respects to many locations that production companies use out of the zone in Palmdale and Lancaster, California.

Dirt Roads at S.O.S.

We have more than 30 properties with extensive dirt roads.

Flat Track at S.O.S.

The flat track at S.O.S. FilmWorks, in Agua Dulce, is available for film use. The track was designed for motorcycle use but is large enough for sprint cars. Restrictions apply to use of the track by any party.

Paved Roads at S.O.S.

We have more than 4 properties with paved roads.

Set Construction Areas at S.O.S.

S.O.S. has both water and electricity available for set construction.

Small Plane Runway 1 at S.O.S.

Water Tank at S.O.S.

This is not a typical "film tank". It's a very large (360,000 gallon) water tank, similar to what you would find near a residential development. This tank is privately owned and available for filming as an interior or exterior.

Stafford's Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

Desert horse ranch with open air riding arenas (square and round), metal horse barn, and small modern style stucco house. Pyro OK.

Sweet Water Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA 900 +/- acres)

Low rolling hills and 360 views, good access throughout property.

Sweetwater Movieland (Agua Dulce, CA)

This property shares a lot line with Vasquez Rocks and has identical rock formations. There is no property more pretty in Southern California unless you go to the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia. The property also features a covered 44,000 sq. ft. arena to film even when it's raining and has a large, dry, pond. Photo update pending by 02/19/16.

Teller House (Agua Dulce, CA)

A modern 2-story ranch home with a stone exterior and matching saltwater pool and spa, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3 bars, jet tubs, a 3-car garage and multiple lounging areas. Large enough to accommodate a full crew and includes an adjoining 2.5 acre lot for parking.

The Old Red Barn (Agua Dulce, CA)

This property features two of the oldest houses in Agua Dulce and an old red barn. The field adjacent to the barn has the same owner and is ideal for farm scenes. This property has a look and feel that is more similar to the South and parts of the Midwest than California. Both houses have been very well maintained and are like going into a time capsule of the 60's.

The Three Sisters (Agua Dulce, CA 240 +/- acres)

This rock formation is larger than Vasquez Rocks and is not surrounded by neighbors. Access is difficult but 10-ton accessible. The rocks are more than 100' feet in height (larger than some skyscrapers) and have splits through the rocks that give amazing undergound caves and caverns with streams of daylight. The property near The Three Sisters has a man made pond, an A-frame small house, and animal pens. The canyon is large enough for a large set piece but not large enough for both a large set piece and crew parking/base camp areas. This location is unique in Southern California. The property is within the 30-mile zone.

Top of the World (Canyon Country, CA 400 +/- acres)

On top of Mystery Mesa. This property may be shot as Afghanistan. Dry, rolling hills at a substantial elevation.

Valley of Blessings Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

This modern style home is directly adjacent to the Agua Dulce Airpark Ranch. Many of the rooms in the house do not have partitions and allow for easy film use. The property also has enough area for crew parking and/or catering.

Vasquez Pacific (Canyon Country, CA +/- 250 acres)

250 acres of low rolling hills and desert chapparal. A majority of the property has very distinctive views and is large enough for set construction and base camp operations.

Verbiesen Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA - +/- acres)

Single story, Sante Fe style home, with multiple large out buildings that are perfect for a getaway hideout, or other nefarious activities.

Virgil Hill (Agua Dulce, CA)

This 3,400 sq. ft. Cap Cod sytle home sits directly across from Vasquez Rocks and gives any commercial or music video company shooting at The Rocks the opportunity to shoot an upscale interior without a company move. Also, the property is large enough to accomodate crew parking and base camp.

Vibe Performing Arts (Valencia, CA)

It’s a Vibe. Located in Valencia, Andrea Vibe’s performance center features a multi-purpose theater, a dance studio, and seven small studios that could be used for hair/makeup, wardrobe, office or holding spaces.

Vista Springs (Agua Dulce, CA - 174 +/- acres)

Vista Springs is a 174 acre piece of property directly adjacent to S.O.S. FilmWorks, Agua Dulce. The property is pyrotechnic friendly and features several flat plateau areas and arroyo with unobscured 360 degree views and beautiful High Desert terrain. This property is ideal for building large set pieces.

Watt Ranch (Acton, CA)

Watt Ranch features some interesting red rock geography, a dry ravine, rows of peach trees, a large ranch house, a small windmill, and a horse coral among other small structures.

Wheeler's Ranch (Agua Dulce, CA)

This is a canyon that features an adobe style structure that has been used as a diner, police station, gas station, and Afghanistan hideout.

Wirth's Warehouse (Canyon Country, CA)

This 80,000 sq. ft. structure features 17' clear height ceilings and enough area on site for crew parking and catering. The property is less than 3 miles from Mystery Mesa and is ideal for possible cover set use.

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