34855 Petersen Road, Agua Dulce, CA 91350

TELEPHONE (661) 251-2365 FAX (661) 251-3007 PAGER (661) 286-8996


Closer to The Three Sisters (Rocks and crevice)

Small house and man made pond

The Three Sisters, Agua Dulce, California

These rocks are larger than the better known Vasquez Rocks but suffer from a more difficult access than just driving off Escondido Canyon Road to get there. Yes, you can get here with a 10-ton and a 40' trailer with a tractor but it is not easy. It always amazes me how our industry will go the extra mile for an exotic location like Easter Island but will miss something rare and unique even when it is right in their own backyard. This location is in the 30-mile zone! No kidding. Natural splits in the rocks exist that give the feel of being in an underground cave or cavern.

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